Surfy 4.0 for Windows Phone comes with improvements and a brand new design

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Surfy 4.0 for Windows Phone comes with improvements and a brand new design

Surfy is a fantastic alternative to the default Internet Explorer browser that ships with Windows Phone. If you happen to be a regular user of this app, head over to the Windows Phone Store as the app has just been bumped to version 4.0. 

Version 4.0 of Surfy brings along a brand new design, complete with a new logo, transparent icon, and customizable look. The app also features numerous enhancements and improvements under the hood. Surfy 4.0 also comes with a new Facebook compatible reading mode, and a fix for issues regarding page freezing. Surfy has also been localized for French speakers and even looks great on Windows Phone 8.1, with support for a transparent tile. 

"Surfy 4’s new theme support gives you the freedom to personalize the app’s color scheme, which includes browser tabs, the application bar and the accent color used throughout the app. You can select from several colors or have Surfy adapt the color from the phone’s theme color.  In addition, you can select your own background image for the hub, from the photo library on your phone. See the ‘Appearance’ section under ‘Options’ in Surfy," a press release for Surfy stated.

Surfy has been receiving quite a few updates as of late, and we sure do appreciate it! Hit the download link below to snag the updated app! 

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