Surface Windows 8 Pro: unavailabilty a costly misstep? (opinion)

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The dancers are back, and this time they’re all about business! Unfortunately the product they’re trying to sell, the Surface Windows 8 Pro, is not readily available.

As has been widely reported, Microsoft’s Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet sold out almost immediately when it was launched on Saturday. I was elated when the salesperson at my local Best Buy told me that they had sold out of both the 64GB and 128GB versions of the tablet. But when I asked one the supervisors in the computer department how many they had sold, my elation disappeared. The supervisor, whose name was Chauncey, told me that the store had received two 64GB tablets and one 128GB tablet. They used one of the 64GB tablets for their display, and sold the other tablets as pre-orders. It was the same story when I spoke to one of the salespeople at Staples.

Surface Pro

According to Chauncey most of the pre-orders were for the 128GB tablet, and many customers were upset that they weren’t able to pick them up. He said he didn’t know why they had so few on hand, but he was sure that whatever the problem was, it would be cleared up shortly.

If you’ve been reading my posts here it’s no secret that I am a fan of both Surface tablets, and that I think that right now the Surface Windows 8 Pro, pound for pound, is the best tablet on the market. Its design, weight, processing power, and portability make it a highly sought after product. Even its most ardent critics no longer seriously compare it to the iPad. That Microsoft didn’t have an ample supply of them ready for their customers on launch day, is a serious misstep, and needs to be rectified, immediately! I’m no Monday morning quarterback, and I’m sure the marketing folks over at Microsoft are all well qualified to do what they do. But it seems to me, that if you want to sell me your product, you have to make it available for me to buy it! Especially on the day it launches.

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