Surface Windows 8 Pro: More for businesses than for consumers (opinion)

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Lights! Camera! Action! The promo video for Microsoft’s new Surface Windows 8 Pro gets straight to business in a highly informative, effective, and no nonsense manner. There is no dancing on tables, no clicking of keyboards, no flicking of integrated kickstands, just clear and concise information on what to expect from what will arguably be the most powerful tablet on the market.


The video quickly separates the ability of the Surface Pro from the Surface RT, by depicting a tablet that can be employed by enterprise users who need a device that can get the job done, from idea to finished product. It carefully points out the two types of ultra-thin keyboards that are available, the digital pen, the tablet’s ability to use legacy programs and apps from the Windows Store, its 64GB or 128GB storage capacity, its 3.0 USB connector, mini display, dual charger, and its 1080p resolution. Not one cute-as-a-button kid drawing smiley faces or playing “Angry Birds in Space” can be found.

With the lowest priced model starting at $899 without the touch or type cover, one would hard pressed to let their three year old use it to play “Learning with Funny Buku”. But, one could, if one wanted to. There may be future promo videos that show the Surface Windows 8 Pro in a family setting, but the contrast between the Surface RT promo and the Surface Windows 8 Pro promo makes me wonder if Microsoft is trying to define the roles of the two tablets. The Surface RT for the everyday consumer, and the Surface Windows 8 Pro for business.

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