Surface tablet reservation passes being given out at some Microsoft Stores

According to a report from WPCentral, Microsoft is offering reservation passes for the new Surface tablet to those who visit a local Microsoft Store or pop-up kiosk. These passes allow you to reserve a Surface tablet and purchase one on the day of release.

“Congratulations, the Surface is almost yours. This pass reserves a brand new surface just for you. Bring this pass to the Microsoft retail store before 12pm on [October 26th]. Your Surface will be ready to purchase,” reads the pass. This is a pretty cool idea on Microsoft’s part for those who want to go and purchase a Surface tablet on the day of release, rather than pre-ordering it. And since the 32GB Surface RT tablet, which runs for $499, is currently sold out online, this might be the only way to get one – for now! There is no word on exactly which stores are doing this, but so far we know the store in Washington Square in Beaverton, Oregon, is offering these passes.

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