Surface RT sequel will be Surface 2.0, sports next-gen Tegra chip and 1080p -
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Surface RT sequel will be Surface 2.0, sports next-gen Tegra chip and 1080p

Surface RT

More details have been unveiled about the Surface 2.0, which is known as the sequel to the Surface RT device powered by Microsoft's Windows RT platform. According to a new report from WinSupersite, we will see a next-gen Tegra chip in the new Surface 2.0, along with support for 1080p and possibly even a white colored device!

According to the report, the Surface 2.0 will run Windows RT and feature a Tegra 4 processor, 10.6-inch, ClearType Full HD (1920 x 1080, or 1080p) display, battery life up to eight hours, and an identical weight and thickness compared to the Surface RT. The device will also feature a new white color as an option, VaporMg casing, integrated two-position kickstand, ClearType Full HD display, front and rear facing cameras, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11, USB 3.0 port, micro-SD slot, HD video out port, and Office Home and Student 2013 RT with Outlook RT.

Of course it makes sense that Microsoft will have Windows 8.1 RT installed on the new Surface line-up, due to the numerous enhancements the 8.1 update provides. Microsoft is also holding a press event on September 23rd, where the company is expected to unveil the new Surface 2.0 and Surface Pro 2.0.

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