Surface RT 32GB really only has 16GB of free space, but you can still add more

While everyone was rushing to purchase the Surface RT 32GB when Microsoft opened up the flood gates, hardly anyone thought about how much actual space the device will have. Now, Microsoft is offering details on the storage space available in the Surface RT.

“Surface with Windows RT comes with either 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage space (hard disk space). However, not all of this space is available for your music, photos, videos, and other content,” Microsoft stated in a Surface RT FAQ posted on its website. Basically, the Surface RT 32GB comes with 16GB of available space, while the 64GB version comes with 46GB of free space. To add more space, you can still use SkyDrive, or add a microSD, microSDHC, or microSDXC memory card which can add up to 64GB of space. Surface users can also use a USB flash drive or hard drive.

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