Surface Pro X Gets July Update
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Surface Pro X July update boosts Wi-Fi, Camera performance

Microsoft is rolling out the July update for the Surface Pro X Wi-Fi model. This month's update boosts Wi-Fi performance, as well as the camera. Here's what you need to know.

In total, there are ten total driver updates you should be seeing on the Surface Pro X Wi-Fi model. These can be seen below. Note that all updates improve performance and stability, graphics and Wi-Fi stability, and issues with the camera settings.

  • Surface Serial Hub Driver - System devices
  • Surface Pro X Wi-Fi B/G/N/AC (2x2) Svc - Extension 10400.3.22.0
  • Surface Panel - Monitor
  • Surface Firmware Update - Firmware
  • Surface Camera AVStream Mini Driver - Cameras 1.0.1660.3
  • Qualcomm(R) Wi-Fi B/G/N/AC (2x2) Svc - Network adapters 1.0.1720.0
  • Qualcomm(R) System Manager GPIO Device – System devices 1.0.1600.0
  • Qualcomm(R) System Manager Device – System devices 1.0.1760.0
  • Qualcomm(R) Peripheral Image Loader Device – System devices 1.0.1760.0
  • Qualcomm(R) Adreno(TM) 680 GPU - Display adapters  27.20.1720.0

These updates will only be seen on Wi-Fi models of the Surface Pro X. They also don't apply to models with the Microsoft SQ2 processor. Microsoft says there aren't any known issues with the latest firmware update.

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