Microsoft Surface Pro transforms education once again, this time at the Williston Northampton School

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The surface pro transforms education once again, this time at the williston northampton school

Microsoft’s hybrid PC may not be matching iPad usage in the consumer space, but it’s definitely been a hit in the classroom. We’ve heard about the tablets success in this area over, and over again, and the momentum only seems to be growing.

Educational institutions have praised the flexibility of the device being a full-fledged PC with the convenience of a tablet. It’s no different at the Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts, who have adopted a 1:1 learning initiative with the tablets to further empower students and spark their creativity.

“Having faculty and students on the same platform is absolutely critical. I think one of the great benefits in what we’re seeing is not that students are becoming more like teachers, but that teachers are becoming more like students, so that they are being flexible and creative in their thinking. They’re willing to take risks.” says Robert Hill, Headmaster at Williston Northampton.

Check out the video below to see the usage scenarios of the Surface Pro at the Williston Northampton School and why the device has been chosen over the Apple iPad.

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