Surface Pro owners still experiencing WiFi connectivity issues after March firmware update

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Surface Pro

During the March 2013 Patch Tuesday which took place March 12th, Microsoft released a cumulative/firmware update for both the Microsoft Surface RT as well as the Microsoft Surface Pro, addressing some issues that have been plaguing Surface owners for quite a while now. The Surface Pro saw a firmware update that was supposed to address WiFi connectivity issues.

Unfortunately for several Surface Pro owners, the WiFi connectivity issue is still present after applying the March 2013 firmware update. That firmware update was supposed to fix WiFi reliability and allow for better roaming and improvements to the Limited connectivity scenario.

Surface Pro owners took their headaches to the official Microsoft support forums venting their frustrations with the WiFi issue and hoping for an answer. “No problems before the update, constant connection problems after the update,” one owner stated after applying the March 2013 firmware update. “With the new update, when I am on the work WiFi I can’t go more than an hour without disconnecting then reconnecting to the network to restore internet connectivity. It has happened in intervals as short as 10 minutes and as long as an hour or so and seems to be more frequent with heavier network usage,” another Surface Pro owner stated.

One owner pointed out that the March 2013 firmware update seemed to stabilize the 2.4GHz WiFi speed but created problems for anything faster, including 5GHz. In fact, the WiFi issues were so troublesome that after 10 minutes of use, the connection would become “limited.” But there is good news for Surface Pro owners.

“Sorry to hear that the March firmware did not resolve the Limited WiFi issue. Continued wireless updates are planned in coming months, please keep checking Windows Update during the next Patch Tuesday cycle,” Microsoft stated in the company’s official support forum.

So there you have it. Expect to see continued firmware updates that aim to address the WiFi connection issues, even though it seems that Microsoft cant seem to pin-point exactly what the issue it. For all your Surface Pro owners out there, are you experiencing the same WiFi troubles? Did the March 2013 firmware update fix the issue or make it worse?

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