Surface Pro competitor Eve-Tech is deciding on a new dedicated monitor option

Kareem Anderson

The scrappy little startup that took on the Surface Pro a couple of years ago is back but with a slight pivot. While Eve-Tech is committed to delivering an update to its “V” 2-in-1 device, the company is also crowdsourcing a few other hardware offerings that include a pair of headphones, a mini-PC, and a dedicated monitor.

The forums over at have been in a flurry over the past few months as current Eve V fans and observers pitch their opinions on design, materials, specs, and the technology that will go into Eve-Tech’s next round of hardware sales.

The latest news coming from the forums is that the company is in the final stages of design on a PC monitor dubbed the Spectrum Monitor. Here’s what you can expect according to Eve-Tech executives:

  • First-ever crowd-developed monitor: In a category dominated by old brands like Asus and Acer with complicated product lines
  • King of ports: Same as Eve V it has the best ports on the market (2xUSB-C (100W PD), 2xDisplay ports, 1x HDMI, 2 USB-A 3.1 ports, Audio port)
  • Best display out there: Same as Eve V, It has the best display on the market in its category
  • No brainer price: Spectrum will come at the best bang for the buck
  • Unique crowd chosen features: It’s full of community chosen features, such as wireless charging at the base, open-source firmware, multiple color space profiles, etc.

While there had been several Surface Pro competitors being offered by established OEM brands, Eve-Tech’s V was a unique alternative to the Surface Pro as it looked almost identical but varied in ways many users had been clamoring for. The V offered a matte black option to the signature magnesium grey the Surface Pro came in, it also offered USB-C connectivity years before Microsoft put its Surface Pro hardware roadmap, as well as a Bluetooth enabled keyboard with Alcantara facsimile finish.

If Eve-Tech manages to deliver on the Spectrum in the same fashion as it did with the V, we may be seeing a monitor option that pairs well with a Surface Pro, Surface Laptop or Surface Book, or at the very least some designs that can lay as inspiration for a dedicated monitor solution from the Surface team in the near future.

Below are the concept designs the Eve community is deciding between at the moment, let us know what you think in the comments below.


The Blade


Bloxy 2






Ring 1

For any current Eve-V owners or anyone interested in being a part of a crowdsourced monitor development, you can sign up and provide your feedback here.