Surface Pro "accessory spine" hints at possible external battery, other accessories

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Surface Pro

In a Reddit "ask me almost anything" post, Microsoft's Surface team answered numerous questions regarding the company's upcoming Surface Pro release. When asked a question regarding the "accessory spine" that is at the bottom of the Surface device, Microsoft hinted at a possible external battery or other accessories.

The question asked was if there were plans for an external battery or a thicker keyboard cover with an extra battery, since there are some new connectors at the bottom of the Surface Pro device. Microsoft responded in a manner that hinted such an accessory was possible (and perhaps in the works). "That would require extending the design of the accessory spine to include some way to transfer higher current between the peripheral and the main battery. Which we did," Microsoft explained. As for a dock, Microsoft denied that they were working on such an accessory. "We don't have a dock in the plans, but there are USB 3.0 HUBS that offer viable solutions," Microsoft explained. An external battery should ease consumer complaints about weak battery life on the Surface Pro, so it would make sense. However, Microsoft has yet to reveal any official details if this will in-fact happen.

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