New Surface Pro 7 ad says it’s “still the better choice” against the iPad Pro

Arif Bacchus

Surface Pro 7 Vs Ipad Pro

It’s been a while, (remember the controversial Surface commercials featuring Siri?) but Microsoft is back with a new Surface vs iPad ad. Spotted by Neowin, Redmond’s latest ad goes the same way as the Surface Pro 7 vs MacBook Pro spots earlier this year, but instead points out the flaws of the iPad Pro and proclaims the Surface Pro 7 as “still the better choice.”

The short 30-second clip features the same teenager from the Surface Pro 7 vs MacBook ad that first hit TVs back in January. However, this time he is more focused on the problems you’d get if you buy Apple’s iPad Pro over a Surface Pro 7. As you’d expect, he begins by taking a classic jab at how the iPad Air lacks an integrated kickstand, but the Surface Pro 7 has one built-in. Likely to Surface fan’s pleasure, when he does this, the iPad Pro slams down to the table.

But it doesn’t end there. The teen goes on to mention that the Surface Type Cover attaches to the Surface really easily, and is quite light — whereas the iPad Cover is apparently quite heavy. Then, in our favorite part, the teen details that the Surface has all kinds of ports, whereas the iPad only has one. He jokingly shows a dongle dangling from the iPad and asks “do you want to be this guy?”

Microsoft’s ad closes with the “power” aspect of the two tablets. As has long been the argument from Microsoft and PC enthusiasts, the teen mentions that the iPad Pro “is just a tablet” but Surface is a full-blown computer, and a tablet. Of course, you then see the price, too. This time Microsoft includes the price of the keyboard in the commercial, saying Surface Pro is $880, whereas iPad Pro is $1,348.

Interestingly enough, the comments have been disabled on this new vs iPad ad. There also appear to be a lot of downvotes, too, with a total of 529 at the time of writing, and only 607 upvotes. We’re not sure what’s going on there.

Overall, this is a pretty fun ad if you’re a Microsoft and Surface fan, as it highlights some of the current problems of iPads. However, Apple has made some fair gains from when Microsoft Surface first hit the scene. iPad OS on iPad models is now much more optimized for keyboards and pens, and there is improved multitasking, too. Some even argue that this can make an iPad a main computer Even the ports have changed, with Apple moving away from Lightning and embracing USB-C, which you’ll find on popular PCs and 2-in-1s.

Anyway, let us know where you stand on this debate by dropping us a comment below.