Surface Pro 4's display praised as being one of the most accurate on the market

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DisplayMate’s Dr. Raymond Soneira has had a look at Microsoft’s recently revealed Surface Pro 4 and has found it to have one of the most accurate displays on the market. In his extensive write-up on the device, Dr. Raymond Soneira reveals that the Surface Pro’s display actually broke a number of LCD tablet performance records in their extensive lab tests and described it as “a major upgrade and enhancement to the already excellent display on the Surface Pro 3 with significantly higher screen resolution (2736×1824 to 2160×1440), 24 percent higher Pixels Per Inch (267 to 216 ppi), and 60 percent more total pixels (5.0 to 3.1 million)” while mentioning it’s increased brightness, contrast, and viewing angle as being particularly impressive.
Of special notice is the Surface Pro 4’s onscreen color balance which is praised as being the best “ever measured for the sRGB/Rec.709 Standard that is used for virtually all current consumer content for digital cameras, HDTVs, the internet, and computers, including photos, videos, and movies.” This a remarkable achievement as “everything in the display has to perform just right in order to produce very accurate colors – it is the single most challenging and important performance characteristic for a display.”
You can read the full (and very extensive) report over on the DisplayMate’s website. It may be a little too detailed for most readers but the main takeaway is that the Surface Pro 4’s display is pretty damn impressive and is recommended for usage from casual consumers simply wishing to watch media with high quality image to professionals using the device for presentations and content production. DisplayMate regularly analyses the product displays through thorough lab testing with their own proprietary analysis and mathematical display modelling and optimization tools.
Is the screen quality something that interests you the most about the Surface Pro 4 or is there another aspect that has you more excited such as its improved speed? Let us know in the comments below.

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