Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Book is an impossible choice, Microsoft wants to help

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Microsoft created quite the dilemma at yesterday’s Windows 10 hardware event. First, they introduced the Surface Pro 4, a significant upgrade to the successful Surface Pro 3, with its enhanced screen technology, dramatically improved pen, and luscious Intel Skylake processors. Then, they turned right around and introduced the Surface Book, a revolutionary new machine that qualifies as the “Ultimate Laptop” while serving as a phenomenal tablet device in a pinch.
What’s a Windows 10 fan, or personal computer fan in general, to do?
Well, it looks like Microsoft recognizes what it’s done, and wants to lend a hand. The company has created a microsite that offers to walk you through a few key questions on your quest to Windows 10 computing Nirvana.

Go check out the Surface comparison microsite.
Go check out the Surface comparison microsite.

Microsoft asks eight questions precisely, ranging from the kind of software you want to run, to the amount of storage you need, to what’s more important in the tradeoff between screen size and weight. They’re stock questions to be sure, and this is a marketing site, not a jinn standing by to grant wishes. But hey, it’s better than nothing.
In all seriousness, Microsoft did something special yesterday, in what was arguably the most exciting, and most important, technology event of 2015 (at least). The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book really are two wonderful devices, and choosing between them could be a challenge. Go check out the “Find your new Surface” site for a side-by-side comparison chart, and good luck!

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