Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book firmware updates have driver tweaks in tow

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Surface Pro 4 is receiving a firmware update now and Surface Book owners will probably be getting some of the same updates soon. The new firmware update isn't terribly glamorous, but it's including a few things that should tweak the experience of Surface users going forward. The update is bringing to Surface Pro 4 some additions to driver software and doesn't seem to be doing too much apart from just tuning up some rough edges.

Surface firmware updates

Windows Central got a tip from Twitter user Jesse Cook showing off that, if you click "more info" on the update screen for the drivers, it takes you to this website. The website, which is labeled "Driver Information," is almost entirely blank save for a promise that more information on these drivers is going to be coming soon. If you're particularly interested in finding out what these drivers are going to be adding to your Surface, keep an eye on that website for some new information.

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