Photographer tethers camera to Surface Pro 4 for Resident Magazine photoshoot

Photographer Evan Guttman has revealed that he enjoys tethering his Surface Pro 4 to his camera for his numerous shoots and shared a behind the scenes video of his recent work for the July 2016 volume of Resident Magazine.

The video (embedded above) shows how the Surface Pro 4 was used to show staff and crew members renderings of the photos almost immediately after they were taken. In a second video (below) on his personal YouTube channel though, Guttman goes more in-depth on how he uses the Surface Pro 4 and provides some fantastic examples of the speed at which data is transferred from the camera to the Surface Pro 4 via USB and also how he uses the graphics program, Capture One, to adjust lighting and colors on location. Each photograph is shot in 42 megapixels and is uncompressed with the average image file size being around 80MBs.

Have you ever tried tethering your Surface Pro to your camera? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below.

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