Surface Pro 4 helps artist Morgan Sorne produce dynamic music and visual art

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The Surface is a solid tool for just about any purpose, as many of you already know. Its portability and strength as a device has  prepared it to take on any task, from playing games to working the Office suite and any number of other things. One of the biggest advantages that the Surface has is its ability to cater to the needs of artists and other content creators, and today’s post on the Windows blog highlights one such artist that’s been using Surface for just about everything.

Morgan Sorne, the visual artist and musician, joined Microsoft’s Windows blog to speak about some of the projects that he’s been doing with his Surface. The artistry in Morgan’s work is apparent immediately to anyone who watches it and the fact that Morgan uses his Surface Pro 4 for so much of it is arguably a strong endorsement for any artist – musical or visual – who might be looking into getting one.

A big desire of mine for a long time has been to have a device that is the size of a tablet but with the capabilities of a laptop. Portability is essential as I travel around the world and need tools that can handle the programs necessary for executing my work.

This is just one of many other glowing reviews given to the Surface Pro 4 by artists. Muralists, musicians, and more, have all come out saying that they use the Surface as their primary tool when creating their art of choice. At this point, it’s pretty difficult to say that Microsoft hasn’t created one of the best creative tools out there.


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