Surface Pro 4 aids in Pirch’s luxury SoHo retail experience

Dennis Bednarz

Surface Pro 4

Microsoft is known for encouraging different companies and enterprises to use their services, and at times, even hardware. That is also the case this time. Pirch, a luxury appliance retailer, trusts Microsoft to help support the company from behind the scenes by using their services, including the Surface Pro 4.

This video, posted by Microsoft, showcases Microsoft’s Mollie Ruiz-Hopper being toured by Pirch’s Armando Gonzales. Gonzales shows how they use the Surface, together with Microsoft Services, in their daily workflow and how it helps out in multiple aspects of his own job:

The video talks about how only the Surface, specifically the Surface Pro 4, could do this job which seems false. In the video, we can see that Internet Explorer (not even Microsoft Edge) is being used as the main application for the tasks that the video showcases. A web app could be run on a simple Apple iPad or a 10-inch Android device that would be a lot cheaper for the company.

Office 365 has also been mentioned which is also available on iOS and Android.