Surface Pro 3 owners report overheating problems with Core i7 models


Surface Pro 3 owners report overheating problems with Core i7 models

Problems with new device are not unknown, but it seem like the Surface Pro 3 is having a particularly rough time. Over on Microsoft Answers, worrying numbers of users are complaining that their Core i7 Surface Pro 3s are overheating even when not put under any great strain. A discussion thread started at the beginning of the month and it has already expanded to more than 30 pages as ever more Surface Pro 3 owners share their tales of woe.

The thread was started by one especially unlucky Surface user, Jarem, who is now on his fourth device and still experiencing the same problem. The problem appears not to be caused by a non-functioning fan — the fan itself is also an issue. In fact the cooling fan is so loud that it drowns out other computers. Despite the fan appearing to whir away as it should, Jarem says that the Surface gets so hot that “it’s not something you’d want to hold”.

Jarem is not alone. There are lots of other disgruntled users who find themselves in a very similar situation. Have looked at the lot numbers of the device affected, it seems that lots 1428 and 1429 are particularly prone to the problem, although there are other lots with it too.

This is not great news for Microsoft as the Surface Pro 3 is a flagship device. There have already been problems with wireless connectivity, and users are becoming very frustrated at having spent so much money on a device that has proved so problematic.