Surface Pro 3 helps entrepreneur Magnus Mårtensson manage his busy lifestyle

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Many people in the world are busier than they ever have been. That’s why many technological devices are now being advertised as on-the-go such as the Surface line of products. The Microsoft Windows blog shared another story with us today highlighting the use of Surface Pro 3 as a useful device for the traveling businessman.

Magnus Mårtensson is the CEO of an expert consulting firm called Loftysoft AB. The company is based out of Malmö, Sweden where it focuses on Cloud Computing. In particularly, this includes working with Microsoft Azure Cloud. The company specializes in providing insights and strategic advice for cloud computing.

He’s also got the father, community leader, and software architect titles on his impressive resume. According to the blog post, he took some time to sit down and talk with Galileo Vieira, the manager of Surface Product Marketing about how the Surface Pro 3 has helped him maintain his busy lifestyle.

The article reads:

On his Surface Pro 3, he does lots of development work and often runs Outlook, several instances of Visual Studio, Skype, and multiple browsers in multiple instances, in addition to the requisite Azure tools for his job. At work, he docks his Surface to use an external monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse. While on the road, he appreciates the light weight of the Surface Pro 3 and the Type Cover experience, saying that “quite often I don’t even bother to take my Surface Bluetooth Mouse out of my bag. I just use the trackpad”.

Magnus Martensson
Magnus Martensson

It’s one of many stories that Microsoft has been willing to share with us. The marketing technique for sharing unique men and women that use the company’s Surface products has a broad range. Such as music mixing DJs to improving retail techniques.

Read more about Magnus Mårtensson and his juggling act made easier by Surface Pro 3 from the Windows Blog.

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