Surface Pro 3 gains a firmware update, is this the SIMPLO battery fix?

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As noted by our friend Michael Gillett, the Surface Pro 3 just gained another firmware update this afternoon. Dated 8/1/2016 (or 1/8 outside of the US), the update just kind of showed up, and so far there isn’t a changelog, and the last updated listed on the SP3 firmware page at Microsoft is from 7/21.

A number of SP3 users have been complaining about rapid battery drain with their devices, an issue that was first thought to be hardware related (it’s only showing up on devices with a SIMPLO brand battery installed), but last week Microsoft attributed the problem to software.

That means that (hopefully) the problem can be fixed with software, and won’t involve recalling and/or replacing defective batteries. We don’t really know if this firmware update even addresses the battery problem, it does appear to be a small update, taking only a few minutes to install.

If you have a Surface Pro 3, check your update status and you should be offered the 8/1/2016 firmware update, and we’ll be watching the Surface Pro 3 update history page and keep you posted on any announcements.

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