Surface Pro 3 128GB/i5 on sale for under $800 through Amazon and Microsoft

Even with rumors about the Surface Pro 4 flying around, the Surface Pro 3 is a premium device. It has solid internals, a sleek design, and performs well. The 128GB i5 version of the Surface Pro 3 is now on sale through Amazon for $799.99 (via Reddit). This is a good opportunity for fans of the Surface line to get their hands on a new device without breaking the bank (relatively speaking, with the Type Cover it’s going to set you back about $950).
When first opening the page for the Amazon deal, I saw a unique message that prevented me from seeing the price unless I opened a chart. It stated that since their price was below the manufacturer's that they couldn’t display it. That is not true however, as Microsoft has also lowered the price of the same Surface Pro 3 model to $799.00 an entire 99 cents cheaper than Amazon’s deal. There’s free shipping available from both retailers.
Both Amazon and Microsoft also have sales on the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station. The great deal from Amazon selling the docking station for under $119.99 seems to be over but it’s still on sale from both Amazon and Microsoft for under just under $160. While the Surface Pro 3 is marketed heavily as the tablet that can replace your laptop, combining it with the docking station makes a strong contender to replace the desktop, depending on how much power you need in a PC. If you are considering purchasing a Surface Pro 3 we have a complete review of the device.

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