Surface Power Covers to ship March 19th for $199.99, extends your battery life

Surface Power Covers to ship March 19th for 99.99, extends your battery life

Microsoft’s Surface Power Cover – an accessory that offers an extended battery life for your Surface device – finally has a ship date. Microsoft will be shipping the accessory for $199.99 on March 19th. Microsoft originally announced the accessory back in October of 2013, with a release date of “early 2014.”

“Work with the speed and functionality of a classic laptop keyboard while extending the battery life of your Surface up to 70% with the Power Cover. It also recharges your Surface’s battery while you work. You’ll have plenty of juice to stay unplugged all day in the office, during a full day of classes, or on a cross-country flight,” the accessory description reads.

The accessory is compatible with the Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2. The keys are not back-lit, like the new Touch/Type keyboards. Head over to the Microsoft Store to snag your Power Cover!

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