Surface makes travelling fast, simple, and easy

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One of the biggest advantages that the Surface holds for people is the fact that it's so portable, without sacrificing much of the functionality of a good laptop. This portability makes the Surface not only a great option for the everyday person that needs to commute to work and back, but the ideal gadget for somebody who wants to travel anywhere else in the world. Beyond the portability and ease of use of the device, Microsoft is keen to remind us that the Surface is capable of helping you with every aspect of planning that big vacation.
When you're planning your trip, the Surface makes it easier than ever for you to pick out where you want to go. Just check out any list of top vacation spots, and pick out a few that pop out. To get more information on any one of them (using Edge and Windows 10), all you need to do is highlight the name of your prospective destination, right-click it, and tap "Ask Cortana." Doing so will have your virtual assistant compile any relevant information about the place you've chosen, including webcams, photos, travel tips, and even the current state of weather there.
Once you've chosen the place you want to travel to, the rest is simple. There are several apps that you can pick up that will make booking your flight simple (TripAdvisor has an app on Windows 10 which is highly functional.) Once you have your flight all set up for you, just have Cortana schedule your flights, and you'll be right as rain.
Once you've arrived at your destination, the only thing left to do is to have fun. Whether you're enjoying a family vacation or off on business, the versatility of the Surface is going to let you do whatever you want to faster, more efficiently, and better overall. Cortana can provide you with local news, weather, and currency conversions, and you can also grab the Translator app to help you better navigate and communicate on your trip.  With the Surface at your side, you're going to have an easy go of whatever you're out to do.

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