Surface Laptop with 1 TB of storage is now available

Michael Cottuli

Surface Laptop Hero Featured Image

Heads up, Surface fanatics: The 1TB version of the Surface Laptop is now available through the Microsoft Store. The new version of the laptop is something that people have been waiting for, and its arrival should prompt plenty of fans to finally drop their hard-earned cash. If you decide you’re going to be picking this variant of the Surface Laptop up, you’re going to have to drop $2,699 USD on it. Most certainly not cheap.

If you want to get 1TB of storage on the Surface Laptop, you’ll also have to put together a very specific configuration for your order. The only laptops that are compatible with 1TB are ones that run with an i7 processor, have 16GB of RAM, and – most surprisingly – have the platinum coat of paint. At the time of writing, no other configuration is compatible with the 1TB storage option.