Dynamic Refresh Rate on Surface Laptop Studio now available for everyone with May 2022 firmware update

Arif Bacchus

Dynamic Refresh Rate on the Surface Laptop Studio has been in testing with Windows Insiders for the past few weeks but Microsoft is now confident enough that the experience is stable enough for everyone to enjoy the feature. The company is rolling it out to all Surface Laptop Studio users via the May 2022 firmware update.

If you’re not familiar, Dynamic Refresh Rate is a feature for Windows 11 that lets your PC choose the right screen refresh rate as needed. The Surface Laptop Studio supports both 60 Hz as well as 120Hz rates, but before, you had to manually choose one or the other in the settings. With this firmware update, you can now go to Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display > and choose Dynamic Refresh Rate. This should allow Windows to pick the higher refresh rate in web browsing scenarios, or in instances where it sees that you need smoother motion. The lower refresh rate, meanwhile, should be selected in situations like where you’re just looking at your WIndows desktop.

The Surface Laptop Studio Dynamic Refresh Rate.

Other than Dynamic Refresh Rate, the May 2022 firmware update also improves system stability, the touch experience, as well as the performance and stability of the Surface Dock and Pen. You’ll be seeing five entries under Windows Update as part of this batch, and there are known issues to report, according to Microsoft. No word yet on when the Surface Pro 8 will get this feature, as it also supports up to a 120Hz screen.

But going back to the Surface Laptop Studio, Microsoft has been busy updating the device. As you might remember, back in April, the device got a Voice Clarity feature, as well as haptic touchpad improvements. If you’re curious about the Surface Laptop Studio and want to buy one, be sure to check out our full review.