The Surface Hub's next stop is an International Defense Conference

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The Surface Hub's next stop is an International Defense Conference

If you've been to a movie in the last quarter century, then you've seen it; the military war room fully equipped with space age technology and translucent touch screens all actively monitoring some world ending natural disaster. Well Microsoft may not yet be equipped to track meteors from outer space, they do seem prepared to equip some of those rooms with the stuff straight out of sci-fi fantasy.

Microsoft is featuring their Surface Hub at the International Defense Exhibition & Conference in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates this week.

The Surface Hub is Microsoft's latest version of their formerly titled Perceptive Pixel. The 55 to 84 inch touch screen device now runs Windows 10 and comes with a suite of collaboration tools specifically tailored for group use and teleconferencing. It also comes equipped with two built-in 1080p cameras that can track movement and refresh rates have been doubled to eliminate lag.

In lines I couldn't make up even if I wanted to; "But this device supports a range of collaboration, display, and analytic apps that makes it a powerful tool for planning teams in the operations center and brings full situational awareness from the battlefield to commanders," writes D.A. Harris, Microsoft managing director for business development and the worldwide defense industry. “Every Microsoft defense customer needs to conduct executive-level meetings, and the Surface Hub is an indispensable tool in the conference room."

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