The Surface Hub is seeing strong enterprise demand ahead of Windows 10 launch

Surface Hub

The Surface Hub went on preorder for businesses just a couple days ago, and it's already picking up some steam. It's no surprise the Surface Hub has seen such a high demand. It's a great team collaboration tool, and goes well in many business environments.

Microsoft's Angela Hlavka, CTO of Microsoft Partner Collaboration Solutions Inc, says that orders have been coming in since the press release of the July 1 preorder, and they have been receiving "significant demand." Unfortunately, exact numbers have not been released, though.

Beta testing of the device is underway, so several companies can see a demo of the device. But companies won't see the full device shipments to businesses until sometime in September.

If you're not familiar with the Surface Hub, it's kind of a massive touchscreen tablet that can theoretically hang on a businesses wall, but typically rest on a stand. Users can use the large touchscreen to provide presentations or draw diagrams to share with their whole team.

One thing that the Surface Hub has over other team collaboration devices, is that developers can create custom applications for special workgroups and collaboration tasks.

Mike Angiulo, Microsoft's corporate VP, when the Surface Hub, explains,

"While there are a number of devices designed to improve our productivity as individuals, there has yet to be a device that's truly optimized for a group of people to use together, designed not just for what we need to do but how we want to work - until now. Just as the PC revolutionized productivity for individuals, Surface Hub will transform the way groups of people work together." 

Do you think the Surface Hub would be a handy tool for your business? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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