These Surface Hub demo videos focus on music notation, product planning, and more

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The Microsoft Surface Hub has been on sale to business and enterprise customers for a few months now. With the Surface Hub finally getting some actual hands on time from users, the company has decided to highlight some documented real world application and hardware use cases through a series of YouTube videos.

A few days ago, Microsoft unleashed another volley of video demonstrations via YouTube that focused on educating Surface Hub owners and users on navigating the various on device software tools and services. Surface Hub users were walked through using the collaboration tool to enable Skype for Business, using the Hub to draw and handwrite with MURAL and Siemens JT2G and finally demo extensive data collection with Power BI.

Today’s series of videos now focus on third party software on the Surface Hub use such as music notation with StaffPad, collaborative creation with Drawboard, Video looping with TechSmith Loop, product planning with Stormboard and presentation demos with PowerPoint.

The series of videos can be interesting and even entertaining to those who don’t have or may never possess a Surface Hub as they show the growing capability of hardware and software concentration on Microsoft’s behalf. Moving from a whiteboard to a Surface Hub may be a natural (albeit expensive) fit for some companies and Microsoft focus on melding the hardware and software experience can help the company secure a future in the evolving landscape of business boardrooms.

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