Surface Headphones 2+ is getting Teams certification for use through Bluetooth

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft is planning to roll out a significant new firmware update for the Surface Headphones 2+. The latest firmware updates enable the headphones to pick up a new Teams certification, this time for use over Bluetooth, without the use of the included dongle.

This new firmware update will come out on July 28 and will help you get higher quality speech and audio quality over Bluetooth. It’ll work across Surface, Mac, or PC. Here’s the scoop on the benefits of this new certification, especially when compared to using the traditional USB dongle.

  • Certified for Microsoft Teams: With the firmware update, Surface Headphones 2+ is the first Teams-certified device for native Bluetooth, enabling you to enjoy the best Microsoft Teams experience, from exceptional audio quality for calls and media to intuitive, on-device controls for Microsoft Teams.
  • Synchronized Controls for Microsoft Teams: Bring Microsoft Teams to the forefront with the dedicated Microsoft Teams button, answer/end calls, and control your volume and mute state directly on the headset without the dongle.
  • Experience best of Microsoft Teams with or without the dongle: Those who forget or misplace their dongle will still have all the benefits of a certified experience while collaborating on calls without it. Plus, free up a port on your device!
  • Flexibility to meet your needs: You can still use the dongle in crowded workspaces or for a dedicated connection when using multiple Bluetooth devices. With a dongle, different light states indicate whether you are connected, muted/unmuted, or receiving an incoming call.

If you’re wondering how to get this firmware update, you’ll need to use the Surface App on Windows. Or, on MacOS, use the Microsoft Accessory Updater tool. The Surface Headphones 2+ are not to be confused with Surface Headphones 2, which are a consumer product. Surface Headphones 2+ mainly brings the new Teams certification, and a USB dongle, but it’s otherwise the same. Surface Headphones 2+ are priced at $299.