Surface Duo’s Microsoft Launcher gets its first quality update

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Surface Duo Review Featured Image

Almost a week after it got its first monthly software update, Microsoft again is delivering on patching the Surface Duo. This time, the company updated the Microsoft Launcher app powering the device via the Google Play store, squashing some bugs, and improving the overall experience for Duo users (via Windows Central.)

Now up to version 6.2.200902.91394, this is the same version of Microsoft Launcher that can found on other Android phones. According to the changelogs, this latest version updates app icons and fonts, improves app folder layout and gesture support, as well as improves the overall performance.

Interestingly enough, previously, it looked as though Microsoft Launcher updates would be linked to the Duo’s own monthly Android updates. That’s because a visit to the Google Play Store would show Microsoft Launcher as incompatible with the Duo. However, now that Duo users are getting the same version of Microsoft Launcher as everyone else via the Play Store, it looks like Microsoft could be committing to more launcher patches, more often.

As always, if you don’t have auto-update turned on for your apps on your Duo, you can manually update Microsoft Launcher now. To do this, open the Google Play Store, click the hamburger menu in the top left, choose My Apps and Games, and then click the update button next to Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
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