Surface Duo emulator update adds support for widget, inking, photo editor app samples

Microsoft has released an update for the Surface Duo emulator. The update is catered for Android developers and comes with new app samples for widgets, inking, and editing photos, all to give developers a better idea of how their apps would work on dual-screen Android devices.

Once the Duo emulator is updated, they'll be several new apps to play with. These are known as Surface Duo samples, which Microsoft says is a collection of code samples built in Kotlin, showcasing the development of Surface Duo in different scenarios.

The sample apps are catered for drag and drop, dual view, hinge angles, pen events, two-page view, and a lot more. Apps include Widget, which provides a complete widget implementation, including an RSS feed reader. There's also TwoNote, which is a sample note-taking application designed to showcase inking capabilities.  And, Photo Editor, which demonstrates the companion pane UX pattern and how to take advantage of drag and drop on dual screens.

In addition to this emulator update, Microsoft also updated the Surface Duo SDK, as well as the Surface Duo Design Kit. You can learn more about developing for Surface Duo here at Microsoft.

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