Deal: Grab the AT&T Surface Duo for $410 (lowest price ever) at Woot today

Arif Bacchus

Have you been holding off on buying a Surface Duo for some reason? Now’s time time to finally check out as Woot is offering the 128 GB AT&T variant of the Surface Duo for $410 for the next 10 hours, which is a deal that accounts for more than 71% off the original selling price of $1,400 (via ArsTechnica.)

Though this is an AT&T locked model (easily can be unlocked through the carrier) there’s plenty of reason why you might want to pick the Duo up at this price. We’ve been keeping track of sales on the Duo over the past few months, and other than $650 at the Microsoft Store and $700 before that, this is one of the lowest prices ever for the dual-screen foldable from Microsoft.

In addition, the larger space AT&T 256 GB model is also on sale for $510, which is 66% off. You’ll just need to select it at checkout. On all orders, deliveries are estimated within a week, as long as the product is still in stock.

Flash sales like this one might show that Microsoft might be working on a new Surface Duo 2 model, but that’s just a rumor. For people who are curious about the Duo, it might be hard to resist. Yes, the Duo lacks a good camera and features like NFC and Wireless charging, but there are many great multitasking capabilities to the device that you might enjoy.

Surface Duo was first announced in October 2019 and launched a year later in September of 2020. We reviewed the device and found it was a dual-screen phone to love, if you give it a chance.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Surface Duo, we invite you to check out our special OnPodcast episode. We chatted with Surface Duo enthusiast Shane Craig about why he loves the device, the faults of the Duo, and a lot more.

As always, do feel free to comment below, too. And let us know if you end up buying one!