Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 user guides and recovery images now available

If you've already purchased your Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book, or just want to dig into the guts of the new machines to see how they work, you're in luck. Microsoft has posted the user guides for both machines (via Microsoft News), to make it easy to grab them and go.
Surface Book User Guide
Surface Pro 4 User Guide
Microsoft has also posted the recovery images for both machines (via SuperSite for Windows), just in case you need to start from scratch with your new machine. Remember that you'll need to be signed into your Microsoft Account and select your already-registered machine to access the downloads. If you haven't already registered your Surface, now would be a good time to do so.
Microsoft has provided some instructions on how to use a Surface USB recovery drive, and so you'll want to head over there to get started. Oh, and be sure to back up any important information before restoring your machine.

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