Surface Book helps high school student overcome dysgraphia and start taking handwritten notes

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Technology is rapidly evolving, trying to satisfy the human entertainment and productivity needs, but not only that. Electronics are known for helping disabled people in functioning properly and making their disabilities easier to handle.

This time, an 18-year old student, Kody Peralta, has made great use of his Surface Book, by simply taking notes. Kody is suffering from dysgraphia which gives him difficulties with handwriting and it can interfere with his ability to express himself.

The Surface Book encouraged him to start writing again and has made it easier to do so by using different software tools the hybrid includes in the Windows 10 operating system:

Surface and OneNote together have encouraged him to start taking handwritten notes again because he can write on a much larger scale using Surface Pen and easily scroll in and out to make his sentences legible on ruled lines.

He is using OneNote to organise his tasks and school, and he is “taking full advantage of what a Surface Book can do” like the Windows Blog described it:

He uses OneNote in and outside the classroom to do everything from importing in all his text books, annotating, and recording during class as well as organizing everything he needs for going to college. I hear from fans all the time how Surface and OneNote together can truly help students get more out of the classroom and Kody is a great example of someone that is taking full advantage of what a Surface Book can do.

Kody revealed in the interview that he was an owner of two Apple devices before, the MacBook and the iPad, but switched them both in favour of the Surface Book to eliminate the need of carrying two devices at a time:

I decided to get a Surface Book because I needed a laptop that would be light enough to carry around from class-to-class, yet provide enough power to handle top-of-the-line games in between classes. I also wanted to find a laptop that would help me with my dysgraphia. Before the Surface Book, I had both an iPad and a MacBook that would allow me to write down my math notes, yet type up my lecture notes – but it was a pain carrying around two devices. The Surface Book combined the best of both words, and with the help of OneNote, has given me all the tools I need to be successful at college!

Kody is just one of the many people that Microsoft products helped to improve their workflow and we are sure we will see more and more cases like this, as the Surface line and many other Windows-powered laptop-tablet hybrids are gaining traction nowadays.

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