Surface Book and Lumia 650 now on sale in the UK

Zac Bowden

Surface Book

The Microsoft Surface Book and Lumia 650 are now on sale in the United Kingdom, after several months of waiting for the Surface Book and just a few days after announcement for the Lumia 650. Both products can be purchased directly from Microsoft right now, and pre-orders should start arriving today.

The Surface Book starts at £1299 for the base-model, with the top-end model maxing out at £2249. The Lumia 650 on the other hand is £159.99 for either white or black models, and is around £60 more than the Lumia 550.

Microsoft recently rolled out a new firmware update for the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices that fixes a number of power management issues that were until now affecting a majority of users. This is great news for the UK market, as the issue has now been resolved just as the device hits store shelves.

Also, the company has just rolled out a new cumulative update for Windows 10 Mobile, meaning the Lumia 650 should also get patched up with a number of bug fixes and improvements when setting up the handset for the first time. Lots of good updates for Microsoft products this week it seems.

Are you planning to pick up either the Surface Book or Lumia 650? Let us know below!