Surface Book 2 “isn’t ready yet” for Spring hardware event, say reports

Kip Kniskern

Microsoft remains close-lipped about a widely anticipated Spring “hardware event,” in what’s becoming an annual tradition of announcing new products in Microsoft’s lineup, including in the past the Surface Book and the Surface Studio.

Since both the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 2 could probably use a refresh to more modern hardware and more cool features, many have anticipated that we should soon be seeing a Surface Pro 5 and a Surface Book 2, but that may not be the case, at least according to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley.

In a new report, Foley says that although she is hearing that there will be a Spring Hardware event, a new Surface Book 2 won’t be part of the program, and things are iffy for a Surface Pro 5, too:

Recently, however, I’ve heard from a couple of contacts that Surface Book 2 is not going to be announced here, as I mentioned during a recent episode of the Windows Weekly podcast. I’m not sure whether Surface Pro 5 will debut at the still-unannounced Spring hardware launch either.

For what it’s worth, we were hearing that there wouldn’t be a Surface Book 2, either, although by some unconfirmed sources.

So if there won’t be a SB2, or even and SP5, what does that leave us? Rumors surfaced last week that a new “Surface clamshell” laptop type device may be in the works, and as it had done with the original Surface, the Surface Book, and the Surface Studio, Microsoft may pull off yet another unexpected announcement. Whatever that announcement may be, it should be good, at least if you believe ex- Surface GM Brian Hall, who tweeted this over the weekend:

What do you think, will Microsoft attempt a new Spring hardware event, as yet unannounced, without an SB2 or an SP5? If so, what will they announce? Are you planning on being disappointed or blown away? Let us know in the comments below!