New Surface 3 video advert highlights positives reviews

Sean Michael

Surface 3

As we reported earlier today, the Surface 3 is now available for purchase in the US. On the devices US release date, Microsoft posted a video including reviewer’s comments of the Surface 3. You can see their video below.

The Surface 3 is a major step for Microsoft’s line of “tablets that can replace your laptop” because despite being a non pro version, the Surface 3 runs full Windows 8.1. This is, at least in some ways, the first time a non pro Surface device meets the initial purpose of the Surface line.

There are some advantages to Windows RT but with the first two versions of the device came confusion as to what software it could run. Stores needed charts to show which device could do what and it created a hard line between the tablet that could do some laptop things (Surface RT and Surface 2) and tablet that can run as your laptop (Surface Pro 1-3)

With the Surface 3, the primary differences between it and its Pro cousin, the Surface Pro 3, are hardware. With both versions running full Windows 8.1 and able to receive a free upgrade to Windows 10 potential buyers can look at RAM, storage, and other hardware specs rather than operating system.

One of the biggest numbers that may draw people’s eyes is the price. The Surface 3 starts at only $499. That price doesn’t include the keyboard or the pen but that’s likely done on purpose to get customers to look in the Surface 3’s direction.