Surface 3 Education Bundles now offered at a 30% discount

Arif Bacchus

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Several school districts across the world have already purchased and deployed Microsoft’s Surface 3 in their curriculums.  Today, given the positive feedback from that experience, Microsoft is now offering Surface 3 Educational Bundles at a 30% discount. While the bundle was recently introduced in the U.K. a bundle is also now in place for regions wherever the Surface 3 device is sold.

The educational bundle pricing will last until June 31st, and any orders will ship with a new Surface Pen. Final pricing for the bundles will come from authorized resellers, and the pricing will not apply to the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and other non-bundle products.

Microsoft claims that the experience of Surface 3 being used in education shows how Surface helps teachers and students be more product with pen and digital ink, plus a click-in keyboard.

In fact, a new study done by IDC shows that the Surface Pen and digital ink technology can positively impact teacher productivity. The study shows why it is clear that Surface is developing a strong liking among educators.

Check your local Microsoft Store online for more information about the Surface 3 Education Bundle discount.