Surface 2.0 specs reportedly revealed, comes with a refined kickstand and Haswell CPU

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Not much detail has been revealed about Microsoft upcoming Surface 2.0 set of devices until today. The guys over at Neowin are claiming to know the specs of the new Surface 2.0 tablets, and some of these specs might not surprise you.

According to the report, the Surface 2 will feature Intel’s latest Haswell Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a refined kickstand. No further details were revealed about the new set of devices, or if we will even see a Surface RT 2.0.

“The Surface 2 will run Intel’s latest line of chips, a Haswell based Core i5.”

“The Surface 2 will run Intel’s latest line of chips, a Haswell based Core i5. In addition, the RAM will receive a considerable bump, being doubled 4GB to 8GB. Finally, while the device will look similar to the current Pro, Microsoft has ‘refined’ the kick-stand that ships with the device,” the report states. 

“What the refinement is exactly, we don’t have a clear picture yet; it could be a more robust stand that is stronger or one that offers alternative viewing angles, but this is speculation at this point,” the report adds.

No word yet on pricing or of the device’s other specs, but we do know for sure that Intel’s Haswell chip will definitely be a welcomed feature. A Haswell CPU promises better and more efficient battery life, which will definitely be welcomed by consumers.

Microsoft took a 900 million dollar write-down recently, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from dropping prices for the Surface RT and Surface Pro, along with its accessories, as of late. We learned recently that Microsoft had dropped the price of the Surface RT and Surface Pro by nearly $150. Microsoft also dropped the price of the Surface Touch Cover to $79. On top of that, Microsoft has also dropped the price of the Surface RT and black Touch Cover bundle by $50.

We wonder if the Surface 2.0 will retain the same screen sizes or if the new devices will sport a whole new array of form factors. Note this as a rumor until Microsoft offers official details on the Surface 2.0.

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