Surface tablets head into 2014 with the NFL, welcoming a new season

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Surace tablets head into 2014 with the NFL, here's what is coming

If you watched the 2013 NFL season then you likely surmised that Microsoft just may be partnered with the US pro football league. The endless spate of ads made the point painfully obvious, just in case you missed the ones pasted to walls in stadiums around the two conferences. The software giant isn't stopping with its 2013 ad blitz, but ramping things up for the coming year.

With Surface being the official tablet, the partnership is blossoming. "Beyond NFL teams using Surface, more and more fans are choosing Surface as the one device to help them manage their busy workweeks, and downtime leading to football Sunday (and Thursday and Monday nights). This season, fans were able to download NFL Mobile, Fantasy Football, Game Rewind and other great apps to make their football couch time as fun and productive as possible", Brian Seitz of the Surface team announces.

Microsoft references the 2014 Combine, though it is actually over, but the software giant points out how Surface helped teams to get information on the college prospects being tested at the draft "preview". "Surface devices will be used to capture data from each field event, which allows team personnel to track each player as they make their way through the Combine and make comparisons across participating players at each position".

The company promises a lot more will be coming, and with free agency looming on the horizon, we can expect good things. Regardless of how your team fares, at least your tablet will keep up with the good, or bad, news.

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