Support and Recovery Assistant hopes to help resolve Office 365 issues

Microsoft Office 365 has been revered for its compatibility and influence on education and the workplace, making it easier to collaborate and progress as a team. As more businesses sign up for Office 365, many new users find themselves at a loss on the most basic of problems when it comes to setup and getting their programs running. In recognition of the growing need for a help too to assist and troubleshoot errors easily, now users are able to download The Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365.

The Support and Recovery Assistant is a separate app that can be downloaded and installed to resolve even the simplest of issues. Even issues such as setting up the profile or troubleshooting network connections are covered in the new tool.

Right after you launch the tool, it will ask you to sign into the account that you are having trouble with. From a list of applications, you can choose the problem and let it run a series of tests. Once the results are found, you can see the detailed solutions and act accordingly. At the moment, the tool is set up with only the most common troubleshooting resolutions.

Over time, the Office team plans to add more results and solutions to the database. At the end of each session, users will be able to leave feedback, ranking, and confirm if the tool was able to resolve their problem completely or not. The feedback will make way for more quality troubleshooting in the future which will be added through automatic updates every time the Support and Recovery Assistant tool launches.

Microsoft's Office 365 continues to expand digitally and physically, although it still hasn't met its competitor's pace. Adding this tool might be a step in the right direction to increase user friendliness and availability of support.

The Support and Recovery Assistant for Microsoft Office 365 will undoubtedly prove to be a useful tool for nearly any user. If you would like to learn more and  install the assistant tool, visit

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