Super Lucky’s Tale tries a livestream, fails miserably

Super Lucky's Tale on Xbox One X
by Email Twitter: abacjourn Jan 25th, 2018 in News

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. The folks behind Super Lucky’s Tale found this out the hard way when they recently tried a lifestream of the game but it failed miserably.

Playful was apparently trying to stream the game as part of a promotion but forgot to disable game mode in the Windows 10 Game DVR. This resulted in a lot of lag, basically making the game look unplayable to those watching on Mixer. A fan even suggested for the team to input their graphics card into settings, but that apparently was not the problem.

To say the least, Playful was… playful… with the failure. The developer Tweeted out apologies to everyone who may have watched

It’s just one small technical problem that otherwise overshadowed a perfectly adorable and fun game (which this writer just so happened to really enjoy playing.)

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