Super Calendar jumps to version 1.6, gets new views and new look

Super calendar jumps to version 1. 6, gets new views and new look

Super Calendar is still a relative newcomer to Windows Phone, but it has already gained quite a following and received a number of updates. The latest update sees the app jumping to version 1.6 and gaining a number of new cosmetic changes.

Perhaps the most useful change in the inclusion of new views -- both day and week views -- which makes the app more flexible. Changes have also be made to existing views, live tiles have been updated to use event color indicators, and is also a new lock screen look.

Here's the changelog in full:

  • two new day views
  • two month views
  • separate style for front and back tiles
  • refined week view
  • new lock screen style
  • redesigned details page
  • redesigned edit page
  • settings screen chooser
  • event color indicator in live tiles
  • bug fixes
  • and so much more

If you've already got a copy of the app, make sure you update to the list latest version, but if you are yet to try it out, now would be a great time to do so. Hit the download link below to grab yourself a copy.

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