Super Bowl champion Broncos use Surface to celebrate

Arif Bacchus

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We published a piece last week about the technology behind Microsoft’s $400 million deal with the NFL, but it now appears that a NFL player has come up with a new way to use the technology on the field.

After the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10 on Sunday night in San Francisco, the CBS feed cut to a shot of Broncos star Aquib Talib holding up a Surface tablet with the phrase “World Champs!” scribbled across the screen.


This, however, appeared to be the only publicity that the Microsoft Surface gained throughout the Super Bowl.  CBS did not focus much camera attention to the usual use of the specially prepared Surface tablets on the sidelines for coaching and annotating of in game shots.

It was not clear who drew this message, but the moment garnered some nice publicity for Microsoft, especially in light of the networking problems involving the Surface that plagued the AFC Championship game during a crucial offensive possession in a post season game in January.