Deal: Toshiba Encore Mini Windows 8.1 tablet available for $119 at the Microsoft Store


Super affordable 19 Toshiba Encore Mini Windows 8.1 tablet is now available for purchase through Microsoft Store

The $119 Toshiba Encore Mini Windows tablet, which was announced earlier this month, is now available for purchase. It’s a pretty decent deal as the device comes with a rather impressive quad-core Intel Atom processor, runs Windows 8.1, and includes a built-in SD card slot, should you ever need more storage.

For a tablet this cheap, one would expect seeing mediocre hardware inside, but that’s not really the case. Toshiba’s Encore Mini sports a 7-inch screen with a 1024 x 600 resolution; however, this is not even HD, but on a screen that small and at this price, it is unlikely the current offerings will poke your eyes. The device also lacks a Windows button, so users will have to use the Charms bar to navigate.

Lots of cheap Windows devices have recently been announced. You may also find HP’s 7-and 8-inch “Stream PC “ line interesting if you are ready to shell out $300.

Toshiba’s Encore Mini Windows is now available for purchase through the Microsoft Store. Hit the via link below to get there.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us! Image credit: Engadget.