Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One goes Gold, available for pre-order now

Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One goes Gold, available for pre-orders now

The much-awaited Xbox One title Sunset Overdrive has gone gold (that is, the development of the game has finished), and is now available for pre-download and pre-order ahead of its release on October 28. The Xbox team and Sunset Overdrive maker Insomniac Games have announced several amazing features that users will be getting on day one.

Microsoft is publishing Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One. The Day One Digital Deluxe Edition of the title is available for $79.99. This bundles the game’s Season Pass as well. The second season pass is available for $19.99 and adds three additional post-launch game addons and other bonuses.

Additionally, at launch, the company will offer a $399 Xbox One bundle that comes with the title. Notably, the console is white-colored, which is interesting as this is the first time Microsoft is releasing its Xbox One console in a color other than black to the consumers.

These are the Day One features and bonuses users are being offered:

  • An overcharged version of the High Fidelity gun that launches limited edition, priceless, multi-colored vinyls that do increased damage.
  • Fizzie is more popular than you because he has a great marketing budget. So, why not dress up as him and get in on some of that fame?
  • You ponder buying the Day One Edition of Sunset Overdrive. A spot check reveals that if you do, you can equip a mighty hammer made from a bat and spiked dumb-bells.

Additional Pre-Order Bonus Items on Xbox Live:

  • Acordes de la Muerte – Give me a “K!” Give me an “I!” Give me a “Guitar-with-melting-candles-on-it melee weapon that can bash in the skulls of my vilified enemies!” What’s that spell? Errr…
  • The Hangover – Show how much you like to party with this melee weapon made out of beer cans and an electrified pitchfork. One thing led to the other, right?

Check the via link below to look at the outfits of the character and to understand the game play.

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