Sunrise, acquired last year by Microsoft, to pull app from stores, cease development, shut down on August 31st

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In a semi-farewell post on their blog, Sunrise announced that it would be pulling its apps from the app stores and closing up shop on August 31, 2016. Microsoft bought Sunrise last year to integrate the Sunrise calendar app features into Windows 10. The Sunrise team is already focusing on developing Outlook on iOS and Android.

Sunrise posted this thank-you note to all their fans:

“The entire Sunrise team is now working side-by-side with the Outlook team and it’s a thrilling moment for us to work on an app of this scale. Unfortunately, as all good stories go, there’s a sad bit to it: we’re not able to support and update Sunrise anymore. No new features. No bug fixes. For us, that’s the definition of a lousy app and it’s not a user experience we want to leave you with. For this reason, we’ll be removing Sunrise from the app stores in the next few days. On August 31st, we’ll officially shut down the app and it will stop working all together.

As heartbreaking as this sounds, we’re hard at work bringing the magic of Sunrise to the Outlook apps, with all your most loved features – interesting calendars, event icons and calendar apps. We’re confident you’ll be able to find our special touch there too.”

Sad news for Sunrise app fans, but good news for everyone using Outlook. Looking forward to seeing what the Sunrise team can bring to Outlook on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS, and Android.

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