Suggested searches for Microsoft’s Windows 8 from Google and Bing reveal consumer disappointment

Lots of mixed reaction when you ask people about Windows 8 and their opinion on the new operating system by Microsoft. While Microsoft will claim that Windows 8 sold 4 million upgrade licenses in just a few days of its launch, our two favorite search engines are painting a different story about how people are feeling about the operating system after its release.

As you can see from the images above, both Google Search and Bing reveal that people aren’t too happy about Windows 8. Notice how Bing displays specific words such as “confusing” and “ugly” as opposed to the general words of “awesome” or “great”? Bing, Microsoft’s very own search engine, is offering degrading search results for one of the company’s most important products. Microsoft has yet to reveal any hard statistics on how Windows 8 has fared in the market since its launch on October 26th, but one thing is for sure, people don’t seem to be too happy about the operating system. So tell us, do you think Windows 8 is “confusing” or “ugly” or “terrible”?

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