Study says gamers aren’t interested in Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio

As the title suggest, Microsoft most powerful gaming console could debut to a somewhat muted crowd.

Unlike when the Playstation 4 and Xbox One made their long overdue debuts, the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio aren’t seeing the sam warm reception and awareness of its predecessors.

According to a recently published Nielsen Games report that measures the consumer habits in the US gaming market, only a subset of the gaming community appears interested in potentially owning Sony and Microsoft’s mid-generation consoles despite of their amped up specs lists. Perhaps the more damning news is the sheer amount of people who simply have no clue what a Project Scorpio or PS4 Pro is or will be.

In the case of the PS4 Pro, it seems the overwhelming success of the PS4 may have sucked all the air out a mid-cycle hardware grab. Coupled with middling performance bump, higher price tag, slow developer support and additional accessory tags Sony may be looking at sales to a much niche audience than previously.

As for Microsoft, finding themselves already lapped by the PS4 numbers, fewer 1st party exclusives, and battling purchase fatigue, perhaps the only silver linning to Nielsen’s Gaming report is the fact that the company has yet to market its latest hardware. Besides some curated leaks, not much is known by industry regarding Project Scorpio, unlike the PS4 which launched last holiday season.

Microsoft will be making a case for its mid-cycle refresh at this year’s E3 conference, but the current numbers of interested bodies aren’t boding well for the gaming division.

Granted, Nielsen’s Gaming report is a bit skued by the fact that most gamers fall under the hobbyist secotr and don’t consumer a lot of insider information about RAM, UI changes, GPU’s, or teraflops. In fact, even in its own studym Nielsen was forced to admit that 72 percent of its so-called gaming community had not heard of an Xbox One or lesser fetured Project Scorpio.

There is a lot of uncharted territory both Microsoft and Sony are attempting to scale and with Project Scorpio, Microsoft may be looking down an evwn further rabbit hole of division and confusion amongst the gaming community.

Microosft has lot to prove with Project Scorpio at this year’s E3, chiefly that the company has a well thought out strategy for future of gaming and that this vision includes its latest hardware upgrade.

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